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Disruptive Leadership - Coaching and Training

At Orange Creative Coaching, we work with creative organisations that are committed to growing the leaders of tomorrow - those who are ready to shake up the status quo and build incredible cultures where results and passionate people can thrive.

As founder, Sue McKenzie is the only coach in Australia who has over 20 years experience working across all agency disciplines. Using this extensive understanding and hands on knowledge of how advertising, media and design agencies work, our leadership programmes are designed with an understanding of those environments and their people in mind.

Right now we believe that current management norms are contributing to organisations that produce BEIGE – vanilla cultures where people are bored, potential leaders are simply micromanagers and results are often less than inspiring.

We help leaders of organisations to disrupt and innovate out of those norms by partnering with them to champion:

  • Leadership that inspires outstanding results
  • THE leaders of tomorrow, by using a proven model that shakes up the status quo and prepares organisations for change
  • Culture for high performance, that builds excellence not fear
  • Organisational structure, that doesn’t choke innovation but actively encourages it
  • A team of individuals who think beyond the day to day, can see the possibilities and have resilience to deal with challenges
  • Leaders who develop beyond their jobs … and achieve their true leadership potential
  • Organisations that lead the sector
  • Graceful Arrivals - where results are surpassed and the team feels included, positive and hungry for the next challenge

We work with our clients in 3 different ways:

Disruptive Leadership - The Executive Programme 

Our most exclusive programme for CEO and MD level executives only.  Leaders who know there is another level to the success the organisation can achieve. They are often re-evaluating the organisation following a merger, are looking to become the leader in the sector or simply have a sense that the results they are achieving are good, but that the team is getting there “ugly”. By that we mean, they are getting the results, but people are often feeling left out, burnt out, disgruntled and not primed to be their best. Our team works individually with the senior leader to take an individual and organisational diagnostic.

Disruptive Leadership - The Organisational Programme

This programme is fast-paced for teams that want to get results now. We work with the Senior Leadership Team as a group to diagnose blind spots that are holding the organisation back.

Using The Critical Alignment Model, each area is evaluated and we work as a group to put in place the missing pieces.

We implement the Disruptive Leadership Programme with mentoring for the SLT.

Results are measured and evaluated at every stage.

Disruptive Leadership - Our community

We have created an online community of like-minded people - individuals who are curious, willing to learn more and who actively want to be better leaders.

In this community you will have the chance to learn the principles of Disruptive Leadership, ask questions live and be mentored by our team, study the key methodologies that super successful leaders are using right now, and be part of a group of people who are just like you.


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